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Spiritual Counselling

A perfect circle of light illuminates a darkened stage. Into this beam of light I consciously step, inviting you to do so also. We stand together in the light, the light within the darkness, the light that is shaped and held by the space and shadows around us.

And we see each other.


I am here to be seen.

And I see you.

B. Wildblood

As a Spiritual Counsellor, I hold a safe, confidential and sacred space for you to:

  • grow a deeper relationship with your sense of self;

  • explore a deeper relationship with the people around you and the communities in which you live and love;

  • discover a deeper relationship with your sense of the sacred – however you choose to name it.


Spiritual Counselling is an invitation for you to come home to yourself, again and again. An invitation to remember, to awaken, to witness all that holds you back from recognising the truth of who you are… I am here to walk alongside you in that remembering; to enquire, to accompany, to invite, to challenge, to witness, to love, to celebrate, to honour you on your journey.


You can learn more about Spiritual Counselling here

Altar flowers and feet - Cuddling cat - Reverend Bryony Wildblood Interfaith Minister Funeral Celebrant Spiritual Counsellor weddings funerals blessings

"I found Bryony to be vibrant, positive and energetic in a comforting way, and I felt very relaxed with her. It has been a difficult time for me, and I was encouraged by her listening and support."

"Bryony listened very well, she empathised and seemed to understand very well my feelings. I didn't feel judged and her gentle questioning was skilful and offered me food for thought; I was able to look at things in a different way. She didn't rush through anything. It was all held gracefully.

"Bryony's gentle presence and the space she offered was reassuring and I was comfortable talking to her. I enjoyed sharing prayer, quiet time, poetry and short meditations during our sessions, and felt uplifted. Bryony was kind, thoughtful and professional."

If you'd like to chat about counselling please get in touch here.

Details of my fees can be found here.

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