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Baby Blessings & Naming Ceremonies

My name, and yours, and the true name of the sun,

or a spring of water, or a newborn child,

all are syllables of the great word that is very slowly spoken

by the shining of the stars

~ Ursula le Guin.

Cuddling cat - Reverend Bryony Wildblood Interfaith Minister Funeral Celebrant Spiritual Counsellor weddings funerals blessings

Life is an everyday miracle. Each one of us carries a unique story, an infinitely complex and intricate experience of what is to be alive in this world – and yet we are all united by the miracle of birth, by the preciousness of life. The birth and presence of a child reminds us to delight in life; it reminds us to rejoice in the miracle of our presence in the world, and to celebrate the family and communities in which we live.


A naming ceremony is a beautiful way to welcome and celebrate the birth of a child into this world. It might also be chosen to honour and affirm an older child – perhaps as they cross a new threshold in life, such as starting school, becoming an older sibling, or crossing into adolescence – or indeed to mark a life transition in adulthood.


A naming ceremony can be many things: it is not simply a space to formally name a child, but also an opportunity to affirm our hopes and promises for the future, and for family and friends to express their love and support. As our families become increasingly varied and diverse, it is also a wonderful way to bring our loved ones together and bless a new beginning.


A naming ceremony or baby blessing can take many shapes and forms, whether it takes place in the family home or garden, in a village hall or at a site sacred to you. As an interfaith minister, I will work closely with you to create a beautiful, meaningful and personal ceremony that reflects the lives, beliefs, faiths and traditions of your family, friends and community.

"We wanted to thank you for our family blessing. Myself and my husband cannot put into words how grateful we are. You were absolutely amazing from start to finish and I know Dad had a lovely afternoon." Natalie S.

"The ceremony was full of humour, joy and beauty, and deeply respectful. There was flow, clarity, precision and grace in the whole ceremony. Thank you." Nanna B

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