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You do not have to be good

You do not have to walk on your knees

For a hundred miles through the desert,


You only have to let the soft animal of your body

Love what it loves.

~ Mary Oliver

Soul Work

Autumnal leaves love -Cuddling cat - Reverend Bryony Wildblood Interfaith Minister Funeral Celebrant Spiritual Counsellor weddings funerals blessings

Soul Work is the wild, untamed sister of Spiritual Counselling. In reality, there is probably no difference – the intent is the same. I offer Soul Work as a way to expand and broaden the possibilities of Spiritual Counselling, consciously opening the relationship to include other options for deepening your experience and journey. This means that we can include any or all of the following in our time together:

  • shamanic journeying

  • dreaming or healing

  • medicine walks

  • heart enquiry and embodied movement

  • creative and intuitive processes such as spontaneous writing, primal painting or stone divination (for example);

  • co-creating small rituals and ceremonies to honour the various thresholds we encounter, be they personal, seasonal or global.

Spiritual Counselling may include any or all of these options, just as Soul Work is its own form of Spiritual Counselling. But holding the two possibilities distinct allows you to sense into what it is that would support you most at this point in your life… Which is always open to change.

If you'd like to chat more about Soul Work please get in touch here.

Details of my fees can be found here.

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